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22 января
Johnny Depp performs onstage at the TEC Awards during NAMM Show 2017 at the Anaheim Hilton on January 21, 2017 in Anaheim, California.
21 января
Kevin Smith doesn't direct Johnny Depp

Kevin Smith insists it is impossible to "direct" Johnny Depp.

The 46-year-old filmmaker admits he just took a back seat while making 'Yoga Hosers' - in which the 53-year-old actor reprises his 'Tusk' role of investigator Guy Lapointe - and let his friend do whatever he wanted with the role.

He said: "You don't direct Johnny Depp. Seriously. You're just like, 'Whatever you wanna do boss, it's totally OK with me.'"

And when Johnny asked if he could move his character's distinctive moles around from scene to scene in the comic horror, Kevin was happy to agree.

He added: "I was never going to be like, 'You can't do that s**t with the moles dude, this is a realistic film.' Obviously not, we had Bratzis in it."

The film stars Kevin's own daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and Johnny's daughter Lily-Rose as a pair of teenage yoga enthusiasts who discover an infestation of Nazi bratwursts, known as Bratzis, in the convenience store where they work, which they set out to destroy with the help of Lapointe.

And when it came to directing the teenagers, all Kevin found he needed to do was show them back each takes as they would instantly spot their mistakes.

He told SciFiNow magazine: "It was really f***ing easy because nobody wants to look cooler than a teenage girl.

"Nothing I say is going to mean as much as them watching themselves and going, 'I don't look cool here. If I wanna look cool, I'd better do this.'

"I couldn't direct 15-year-old girls on how to be 15-year-old girls - I was never one myself."


21 января
Поготовка к благотворительному концерту Duesenberg's Imperial Ball, который состоится уже сегодня

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